What is InFit?


InFit follows four concepts:

  1. Integration of fitness trackers or wearables such as FitBits or Smart Watches.
  2. Training plans and instructions which help to become more active under the given conditions (available equipment, time, intensity).
  3. Following friends in fitness network.
  4. Blood tests that can be made at home and show progress at the molecular level.

Fitness tracking by Wearables

Individual Training Suggestions

Fitness Network

Molecular miRNA tracking

Molecular Study


Framework conditions of the study:

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Mobile App

The InFit App will cover the full functionality with the five core features. The functionality includes:

Sport profile (Target, Location, Intensity)

Personalized Training

Molecular measurements on miRNA level (Interactive representation of the results and the opportunity to share the progress)

Integration of sports trackers (FitBit etc.) to increase the effectiveness of the training

Socialization of training opportunities, networking and location-based trainings with other people



Prof. Dr. Andreas Keller


Prof. Dr. Eckart Meese


Simon Hechler

The team is funded by Saarbr├╝cker IT Inkubator and will be supported for the future development.




Contact us

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